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Tv-シリーズ, 2016
想像の翼を広げ、場所と時間を超えたワクワクするような冒険へ! 少年ジャスティンが、2人の不思議なお友達と色々な問題にチャレンジするアニメシリーズ。
2016年制作のtv-シリーズ ジャスティン・タイム・ゴー!. このtv-シリーズは想像がふくらむ作品, 前向きな気持ちになる作品 です.

IMDB のジャスティン・タイム・ゴー!

スコア: 6.9 / 10

Justin Time is a Canadian animated television series for pre-school aged children, created by Brandon James Scott. The show airs on Disney Junior (both English and French) in Canada, the Sprout channel in the United States, Tiny Pop in the United Kingdom, and Kids Talk Talk Plus in South Korea. The show revolves around the adventures of Justin. In every episode, Justin encounters a real-world problem of everyday childhood (such as sharing, teamwork, or paying attention). Then Justin and his shape-shifting sidekick Squidgy solve the problems by tackling them in imaginary adventures through time and around the world. In every adventure, Justin and Squidgy meet their best friend Olive, who always lives in the place and time they are visiting, and who usually needs their help to accomplish a task. Together, the three of them encounter the same problem that Justin faces in the real world, and together they solve the problem before Justin's parents call him back to the real world. In the original concept, Justin travelled via a time machine, which led to the title "Justin Time".[1] Because the concept of "the past" is challenging for pre-schoolers, the show instead focuses on more developmentally appropriate adventures of make-believe. It is noticed that the Canadian flag is blue and white instead of its official red and white in the theme song. In November 2014 it was announced that Netflix were to create a new original spin-off series entitled 'Justin Time: The New Adventures. The spin-off will follow Justin and best friends Olive and Squidgy on more fantastical adventures around the globe, and will comprise of thirteen half-hour episodes to be released for streaming in early 2016.[2] Justin Time was nominated for a 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Pre-School Animated Program,[3] and for a 2013 Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production For Preschool Children.[4] "Brandon Scott James Blog". Retrieved 2013-11-11. "Netflix orders 'Justin Time' spin-off". Retrieved 2014-11-11. "40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Official Site". The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Retrieved 2013-11-11. "41st Annual Annie Awards Nominees Official Site". The International Animated Film Society. Retrieved 2013-11-11. via Wikipedia



オーディオ: 英語;日本語;英語 - 副音声
字幕: 英語

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ベイブレードバースト ダイナマイトバトル
マイリトルポニー: おはなし聞かせて
強いきずなでむすばれた、あの5頭が帰って来た! メアタイム・ベイに暮らすポニーのサニーが、仲間たちといっしょに、笑って、遊んで、たくさんのことを学ぶよ。
グリッチが発生して、世界からすべての人間が消えちゃった! あまやかされたペットのきょうだい、パドとハムは、この"不具合"を直そうと、宇宙の中心へと旅立つことに。