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映画, 2018, 96 分
映画 天使が眠りにつくときは2018年制作のNetflixオリジナル作品です。 96分 この映画はダーク です.

IMDB の天使が眠りにつくとき

スコア: 5.4 / 10

Germán is a CEO of a life insurance company too much busy with his job to attend his personal life with his wife Sandra and his little daughter, Estela. Trying to arrive home at time to celebrate Estela's birthday party, Germán is stopped at night by two Civil Guard agents (Spanish equivalent to state troopers), who seeing German's extreme exhaustion they guide him to a motel to pass the night and that he sleeps in order to prevent an accident. At the same time, Silvia is a troubled teen who flees from her too troubled home to meet her close friend Gloria, meeting later with Mario and El Chato to spend the night all together in Mario's car. Meanwhile Germán eludes Civil Guard agents and takes the car again to get home as soon as be possible, Silvia rejects El Chato's sexual innuendos and hit him, making that she leaves the car and Gloria leaves it too, trying both to back home walking or making hitchhiking. But when in certain moment Silvia moves away from the road and she hides in a corner between trees to pee, Gloria is run over by an asleep Germán. When this one wakes up and back over his steps, he finds a badly wounded Gloria and a shocked Silvia. Looking help them he gets them into the car to go with both girls to a hospital, at the same time that Sandra tries desperately to locate a missing Germán, and Mario and El Chato are looking for the girls to revenge them by the previous discussion. But when Silvia finally reacts to the happened, she fights Germán and runaways of him in the belief that Germán tried to kill them on purpose. Fearing to lose his family and going to jail, Germán pursues Silvia to try persuade her to change the idea. All them will live a fearful night where all that can be go bad will go very bad.




オーディオ: 英語;スペイン語 (スペイン) - 副音声;ポルトガル語 (ブラジル);スペイン語 (スペイン) [オリジナル]
字幕: 韓国語;英語;ポルトガル語 (ポルトガル);日本語;スペイン語 (スペイン)

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